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DirectResponseRadioThey say you can't put advertising time in a warehouse. And our clients take advantage of this fact with PI Radio and Remnant Rate Cash Buys.

We're specialists in generating outsized sales profits using direct response radio marketing. And Last Second Media could be your new secret marketing weapon. That's because we offer direct response radio advertising at fell-off-the-truck pricing with mafia-sized returns.

We do this by brokering unsold ad inventory just before it expires. Via both FIRESALE remnant rate radio media and P.I. Per Inquiry (PI) programs you can't lose. Smart advertisers use this wholesale radio media to propel business sales. So they pay for results, not advertising. Would that work for you, too?

Our proven model powers the growth of over 150 direct response advertisers.offers up to 1,000,000,000 impressions annually. In fact, over a billion dollars in sales occurs on direct response radio every year. Ready for your share?

With nearly 184 million weekly adult listeners ,direct response radio maybe the new, OLD media with hidden treasures. Radio listeners are engaged, undistracted and without a DVR. And,right now we're offering rates as much as 50% less than just 4 years ago.

Last Second Media delivers consistently profitable sales every day of the year for DRTV powerhouses. They've found DR Radio an alternate sales driver with predictable sales volume --even in political season.

After all, Direct Response Radio is how direct response brands grow big. That’s because we make Per Inquiry and FIRESALE radio advertising work from the ground up with clear brand differentiation and a strong call-to-action. Then our direct response tracking let's us repeat successes and cut out the cancer of failure.

In over 9 years, we’ve proven that lead generation clients can rely on a large volume of sales with incredibly efficient advertising on direct response radio. Now it's your turn with a call to 800-334-4500.

HOW WE DO IT TalkRadioRatings

By combining multiple radio formats and auction opportunities, LSM delivers very targeted, lower cost marketing results.

In the end, we make money when the client makes money. As a fierce client advocate, we are the pit bull you want growing and guarding your profits.

How we make low cost radio advertising work for your sales organization is by aggregating unsold ad time.

Through our unique remnant inventory program, we harness unsold inventory to grow your top-line revenues and increase marketing ROI.

That's why dozens of firms say, "When you need industrial-strength, profitable direct marketing, then you need Last Second Media and their team of direct response media experts... "

Isn't it time you had a client advocate to broker your direct response radio media buys? We deliver targeted radio, television, print and digital media on a low cost basis so you can grow your business. Get started with Last Second Media now.

If you’re ready to go BIG, call 1-800-334-4500 for our comprehensive $100,000 Marketing Survey®. We’ll make you money with a business scale powered by Last Second Media, and Direct-Response-Radio©.

~Target More Profits with Direct Response Radio~

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