What We Do

If you need to drive high-dollar financial transactions through direct response media, look no further than Last Second Media. We know how to create highly profitable, integrated marketing campaigns that can turn your offer into a "Category Killer!"

We specialize in using low cost, high volume offline media expenditures to propel lower-cost online searches and sales of your brand. Let us create your customized plan for consistent profits. You'll enjoy:

  • A lower average cost-per-sale
  • Expanded awareness of your brand
  • Enlarged universe of Online Leads
  • Hitting higher lead volumes at lower rates
  • A scaled business for maximum profitability
  • Significant first-mover's advantage

Rule #1:

    The Advertiser Must Make Money!

We'll help you:

  • Design your marketing plan and produce financial projections
  • Build an offer that balances volume and sales conversion
  • Script and produce a commercial that moves people
  • Integrate your call centers
  • Test your offer
  • Assess profitability
  • Build the web interface
  • Increase your sales conversion and, once we've proved it will make money...
  • We air your commercial offer on over 850 TV and radio stations!

You can rely on Last Second Media to take you from start to success... profitably.

Rule #2     Be Integrated And Efficient

For a lot of folks finding success recently, the web has proven wonderful, but small. When you want to really drive your business , and you've reached the limit of your web leads-- then you might graduate to offline media .

Last Second Media uses low cost and pay-for-performance offline media including Radio, Print, Television. It's the next best-yielding, most profitable venue to provide sales leads when you've exhausted the web.

In addition to the premium reputation and recognition you'll enjoy with offline media, there are unseen benefits as well. Due to increased exposure, many clients experience one additional web sale for every sale that's developed offline!

Rule #3     Make your Media Work: Conversion and Retention

The lifetime value of a customer is key . When you know how to create sales through back-end programs of both conversion and retention, you will amplify the lifetime value of your leads and grow an appetite for even more media.

In sum, we use offline media expenditures to propel lower-cost online searches for your brand. Let us create an in-house database and plan for consistent remarketing. You'll enjoy:

  • A lower average cost-per-sale
  • Expanded awareness of your brand
  • E nlarged universe of Online Leads
  • Hitting the lead volume target at a responsible rate
  • A scaled business for maximum profitability
  • Significant first-movers advantage

Commercial Production

In addition to driving your business through broadcast to hundreds of media outlets, Last Second Media also specializes in creating the visual presentation of your offer: the TV commercial.

From creating concepts such as Cartridge Club's animated "Mr. Inky," to writing compelling direct-response scripts, to the actual commercial production and editing, Last Second Media is your one-stop production shop for affordable commercial production that sells !

Check out some of our most recent television productions (Click here for radio) - you will need Apple Quicktime to view these videos. Click here to download it for free:

NEW! LifeGuardian, :60

NEW! ComfortableRetirement, :60

NEW! Diabetes Care Club :30

Cambridge Credit, :30

Cambridge Credit, :60

CarLoan.com, :30

Cartridge Club, :60

DR Law Center, :30, Spanish

DR Law Center, :30, English

Elimidebt, :60

Gateway Grants, :60

Hearing Planet, :60

Licensed RX, :30

Power Tax Relief, :30

Waranty Now, :30


International Merchant Services, 30

Financing Alternatives, :60

Ready for Plasma, :30

Ready for Plasma, :60

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